16th - 20th November


What is IRIS Live?

Everyone continues to be impacted by unique and unprecedented challenges in the wake of COVID-19.

Join us for a week of discussion, debate and knowledge-sharing which will enable you to look forward with certainty.

Why attend?

Venturing into the next normal is no mean feat; we're prepared to help you overcome any challenges which may come your way.

IRIS Live is the only event you need to attend (from the comfort of home) this year. We’re leaving no stone unturned as we investigate the ways in which professionals and industry leaders are navigating the next normal and starting to look forward with confidence.

Who is IRIS?

We exist to simplify the lives of businesses, schools and organisations, by providing software solutions and services that substantially enhance operational compliance, efficiency and accuracy, empowering the users of our technology to look forward with certainty and confidence.

Our operational software is the invisible but essential beating heart of our customers’ businesses, supporting them in a range of objectives, from maintaining legislative compliance, to boosting engagement with stakeholders, to enhancing productivity. It’s vital these mission critical functions work first time, every time.

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It’s time to take proactive steps towards a
sustainable future

IRIS Live will explore the action you need to take to get there.


We’re joined by thought leaders and industry experts, prepared to share a wealth of information and best practice on navigating the challenges confronting you today.