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Carl Reader

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Small business champion, helping people understand that business isn't difficult - in language an eight year old can understand! I do this by writing articles, being quoted by journalists, appearing on TV and radio, and writing books for my publishers. I also host a podcast where I meet some amazing guests, many of whom are household names.

I started as a (failed) hairdressing apprentice and fell into accountancy. Since then I've written two published books, with a third scheduled for publication in Q4 2020. I'm a columnist in national press and business magazines, and own a handful of businesses (see below).

I'm also a passionate keynote speaker, TV and radio commentator, have appeared in almost every national newspaper, and always happy to voice an opinion!

My aim is to help everyone realise that being in business is possible for them. At school, I was taught that business was only "big business". And as an adult, people just wanted to complicate it so that they could sell me a solution. I do what I do to help everyone do their own thing, if they want to.

I serve in a variety of non executive / ambassador roles, for both my businesses and charitable interests, and am often involved in judging panels for business awards.

Please note that I have no executive involvement in my businesses - so will not be the person to send your sales pitch to! :-)

Specialities / topics: #BeYourOwnBoss (even if you have a boss), Starting a Business, The Future Of Business, Franchising, Building Brand You.

Honours: City AM Top 100 Entrepreneurs, Smith & Williamson Power 100, Accountancy Age 35 under 35, ICAEW Economia50 influencer

On top of all that, I’m a proud husband and dad. 😎