Stuart Stephen

Stuart Stephen

Managed Services, Payroll, Human Resources (HR), Business Process Outsourcing, Share Services, Strategy

General Manager, Managed Services
IRIS Software Group

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Empowering colleagues to deliver revenue growth and cost-effectiveness through change and transformation, innovative value proposition based selling, connecting with customers and optimising operations.

Since I’ve never practised it my career, I used to think that my choice to study electronic engineering over my passion for history was a bad one. It wasn’t until I got into service management that I realised my training in process and design thinking was a massive plus.

When I couple that with a passion for leadership, change, sales and digitalisation, I reckon I’ve built up a pretty unique combination of experiences, capabilities and skills that can be deployed to deliver business value. That uniqueness means I can leverage a robust strategic mindset to find and articulate value from the synergies between people, processes and technology. My tenacious delivery habits and leadership skills then kick in to ensure that value is realised.

You can reach me on to understand the specific numbers (sales, revenue, cost savings) behind each of my career assignments described below. I work very hard to set the right expectations, then even harder to deliver them.

In the meantime, I would summarise my skills as:

  • Business Process Outsourcing | Shared Services
  • Customer Service | Contact Centre | CRM
  • Relationship, Sales and Marketing Leadership
  • Global HR/Payroll Service Delivery
  • Business Transformation | Change Management
  • Leadership and Coaching
  • Strategy Development
  • Digitalisation | Cloud | Software as a Service
  • Programme and Benefits Delivery